Former Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, laid off in fresh Microsoft shake up

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Remember Stephen Elop, the Nokia CEO that facilitated the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft, and earned huge loads of cash doing that. The deed provoked lots of anger and hate from Nokia fans, but that’s by the way. Today in an email sent to all the employees, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft announced various changes to the leadership team at the helm of affairs.

In the shake up, teams and divisions were merged, many were laid off which includes Elop. To some, this might not come as a huge surprise, after-all the man must have served his purpose (and done a good job) . It will be interesting to see where his next destination will be.

You can read the full email HERE.


  1. Serves the man right. So he has outlived his usefulness for MS. It’s a cruel world

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