Microsoft discontinues Zune Player

This morning, a post on the Zune player Support page reported that Microsoft has stopped the production of her portable media player, Zune. From the post:

We recently announced that, going forward, Windows Phone will be the focus of our mobile music and video strategy, and that we will no longer be producing Zune players. So what does this mean for our current Zune users? Absolutely nothing. Your device will continue to work with Zune services just as it does today. And we will continue to honor the warranties of all devices for both current owners and those who buy our very last devices.

Incidentally, I was just about ordering for one from Amazon yesterday.

This news does not in any way suggest that the Zune player is no more available in the market. However, it’s availability is now subject to a “while stock lasts” condition. Of course, as stated on the page, current Zune users do not need to panic and existing warranties will still be honoured.


  1. I knew the Zune was doomed right from when the Zune HD was announced and a “reflective mirror-like screen” was listed as one of it’s features!. SMH. Maybe it was the jab at the zune by the TV Show “two and a half men” recently that was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Good riddance

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