Microsoft drops the ‘Series’ and keeps the ‘Windows Phone 7’

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In a tweet today, Microsoft announced that they are dropping the “series” in the name of the new version of their mobile OS. Now, its just Windows Phone 7.


Yes; what were they thinking before? Anyway, all’s well that “ends” well. Windows Phone 7 is good enough. We can abbreviate it to WP7 too whenever our mouths are full (or fingers aching for typing so much. Cool.

Here’s the Tweet: Twitter / Windows® Phone: Tis the season for Series …



  1. What where they waiting for? The “Series” in the name made it too unnecessary Long! Someone in Microsoft is possibly thinking now.

  2. Better now. The name goes with their latest trend.

    It can’t be WinMo 7 because it has no similarity or connection with the WinMo series. And surely no back compatibility. On the other hand, since microsoft is all about the windows 7 OS, they might as well just continue with the flow.

  3. Whats in a name?…. The difference, I think, is inconsequential; Windows Mobile 7, Windows Mobile 7 Series all sound the same to me. Its whats under the hood I look forward to.

  4. They probably want the name to sound like it is an out-of-this-world, futuristic device…….

  5. Windows Phone is different from windows mobile! Perhaps the new nomenclature would improve windows mobile phones’ fortunes…

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