Microsoft kills Groove Music, but the streaming goes on

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Despite owning both a Windows PC and smartphone, I have never used Groove Music, Microsoft’s music streaming service. Chances are that a lot of other Windows users have not either. Which must explain why Microsoft is shutting it down by the end of the year. But Groove users are not being left to their own devices.

Microsoft Groove Music

Migrate From Groove Music To Spotify

Microsoft has announced that they are partnering with Spotify and shutting down their own streaming service, Groove Music. Users of the service will be able to can move their curated playlists and collection from Groove directly into Spotify.

From yesterday, those who stream on Groove are required to start migrating to Spotify, Microsoft’s new lover. This is because come December 31st, 2017, Groove’s streaming service will be terminated. All your offline music will continue to be available via the Groove Music app, but there will be no further access to streaming or new purchases.

Microsoft has chosen to partner with Spotify instead of continue to develop and maintain their in-house streaming service.

If you make the move to Spotify from the Groove streaming service, you get 60 days of free access to Spotify Premium. Not a bad deal. RIP to Microsoft groove Music. It does not look like it will be missed much.


If you have questions about the migration process, you can read through the Groove Music and Spotify FAQ HERE for answers.


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