Microsoft looks to China, Taiwan for future Windows 10 smartphones

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Microsoft Lumia 640 XL

Microsoft has bled no doubt in recent times following the recent write off of their Nokia acquistion and releasing of many staff. CEO Satya Nadella, has taken major steps to redirect the company towards success. Just recently, he confirmed Microsoft will continue making smartphones, though this time with a leaner portfolio.

Reports from Digitimes, indicates Microsoft is looking to Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers to handle the making and distribution of their (next) low-end, and mid-range Windows 10 smart phones. This is supported by claims from various sources that they’re expected orders from Microsoft.

The report also claims that Microsoft hopes to entice these manufacturers by providing them cash subsidies for R&D plus marketing. On the other hand, Microsoft will handle the making and promotion of their high-end models, the 950/950XL which will probably be launched later this year.

The likes of Blackberry did this with Foxconn for their Z3 model, Nokia did it with their N1 tablet, so I see nothing wrong with Microsoft pursuing same path. After all it’s a win-win for both parties.


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  1. Errr…didn’t we have a similar article recently about Microsoft refocusing their mobile phone aims…which included Chinese and Indian companies manufacturing handsets?

    So are Microsoft still prevaricating between who will handle their low end devices between China and India? And, as the Lumia And do any of these – apart from Lava – have a presence in Nigeria already? And will it mean the end of the Lumia brand as we know it?

    So many questions…

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