Feature Gone: Will Microsoft Lumia Surface?

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Microsoft selling feature phone business, including Microsoft Mobile Vietnam — the company’s Hanoi, Vietnam, manufacturing facility) to FIH Mobile Ltd. (aka Faoxconn) and HMD Global Oy for $350 million. This also includes a possible transfer of about 4,500 Microsoft Mobile employees to Foxconn or HMD. And now that the distraction of feature phones is out of the way, will Microsoft Lumia Surface? Will Lumia thrive?

The Redmond-based corporation says that it will continue to develop Windows 10 Mobile and support Lumia phones and partner devices, but what that mean is anyone’s guess. It is a very ambiguous statement. For all we care, that could probably mean just software updates.

microsft lumia surface

We already know that Nokia has its hands deep in HMD. We know that HMD will be manufacturing Nokia phones from now, perhaps in some sort of partnership with Foxconn. We kinow that the new Nokia smartphones and tablets will be powered by Android OS.

We also know that Windows Mobile (including Windows Phone) is losing sales and market share drastically. We also have rumours that Microsoft may not be making any more Lumia phones, but instead try to ride on the success of their Surface tablet to push a Surface smartphone.

Will Microsoft Lumia surfaces or Microsoft Surface illuminate? Not a lot of people are counting on either happening.


  1. What I want to know is whether Microsoft will release the “Lumia” name to Nokia. I can deal with a Microsoft Surface phone, but Lumia for me will always be associated with Nokia.

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