Microsoft may license Nokia name to Foxconn

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There are rumours that Microsoft may stop manufacturing Nokia feature phones and license the Nokia name to Foxconn soon. Industry news say that Microsoft managed to sell only 15 million feature phones in the first quarter of 2016. What a bummer.

Nokia Name License

Microsoft currently owns the rights to use the Nokia name for phones until 2024, but has made a mess of the opportunities till date. The statistics makes you wonder what sort of incompetence is at play here. Under Microsoft, sales of both Lumia smartphones and Nokia feature phone sales keep dropping like rocks. Contrary to what Mister Mo wished and hoped, Microsoft has bungled whatever opportunities abound in purchasing Nokia’s Mobile Business division.

But will a Nokia name licence to Foxconn resolve this situation? Who will handle the marketing and sales? What distribution channels will be used?

And about that Surface phone that Microsoft is being rumoured to be planning for, what Surface phone? What difference will that make too, especially if it is powered by Windows 10 Mobile? Don’t blame us. It is very hard now to see Microsoft make this work. Clearly, Microsoft purchased Nokia’s mobile business to stop them from going Android (and causing the immediate death of Windows Phone) but can neither sell feature phones nor make Windows 10 Mobile work.


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  1. I get the impression that Microsoft really isn’t interested in Windows on any mobile phone platform. They’ve squandered the good will of many who love the os since sidelining Nokia. Some of us predicted this would happen, that in the hands of Microsoft, the Lumia brand would slide downwards.

    What does this mean for the life of the new range of Windows 10 Mobile phones? Do Microsoft even have a long term strategy for consumers apart from the business side? The more I observe about Microsoft and Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile, the more it looks like the Microsoft equivalent of Nokia and Meego.

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