I have been checking for Lumia Denim update on my Nokia Lumia 930 for weeks. Wait weeks? Isn’t it months now? Two months? Everyday, I

Microsoft needs to do OS updates like BlackBerry just did

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I have been checking for Lumia Denim update on my Nokia Lumia 930 for weeks. Wait weeks? Isn’t it months now? Two months? Everyday, I go into Settings and manually check for the update, though I have the phone set to automatically download the update. Till now, nothing. I officially got bored of the wait in January. What I am now, I don’t even have words to express.

Two days ago, within an hour of BlackBerry announcing the availability of OS 10.3.1, I was downloading that update to my Passport. OS 10.3.1 is installed and running on my Passport now. Almost every BlackBerry 10 owner that I know has received the update prompt (even if they haven’t downloaded it for lack of access to WiFi). Why can’t Microsoft run updates as efficiently as this? The difference in marketshare of both OSes – BB10 and WP8 – isn’t that much. So, if BlackBerry could pull that off nicely, why are Windows Phone users waiting endlessly?

The truth is that consumers do not really care why Lumia Denim update is taking this long to hit their phones. They just want it. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Who knows? By the time the update hits some phones, the owners may have lost interest in it.

With such a small share of the global smartphone market as it currently has, Microsoft should be impressing Windows Phone users right now, not executing this slow motion roll-out. Microsoft should be building hype and excitement by generating ever increasing momentum. Or maybe I am missing the point. Anyone care to help me?

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  1. Only Microsoft? So we’ll excuse Android for taking long to roll out OS updates because they go via phone manufacturers and network operators?

    I haven’t seen Denim, to be honest I don’t think I really care that much about it. I was actually surprised when I read about 10.3.1, checked my phone at the time and the update was there. Add to that, not everyone got BB 10.3.1 as quickly; I noticed quite a few Canadians and Americans complaining on Crackberry that they hadn’t received it as quickly as you and I did.

    Personally right now, I’d go with Apple and BlackBerry in terms of OS updates – Apple in particular are on point in that regard. But this turn by BlackBerry has impressed me.

  2. Well, Noni, when an OS owns over 85% of the global smartphone OS market share like Android does, it can afford to mess around with updates.

    Windows Phone and BlackBerry, on the other hand, are underdogs at the moment and should not be messing around like that.

    See? BlackBerry has impressed you, as they have me. I’d really love to see Microsoft/Windows Phone do the same.

  3. Yeah Mo but Android have been rubbish at updates from the outset, so I’m not holding out for that to change any time soon (or at all).

    I like Windows Phone well enough, I just don’t know how the Denim update will make the experience any better. What they can do to impress me is better battery life. And bringing out a successor to the Lumia 1020.

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