Microsoft Press Conference October 11th to herald WindowsPhone 7

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windowsphoneIf you have been following the Tech blogosphere all this while, you might have caught whims of the fabled Windowsphone 7 live conference which was rumoured to hold on October 11th. Yes, it is really true and it is now also official! Microsoft got in touch with the Engadget team yesterday, and asked them to very kindly “save the date” October 11 for a 2pm London press conference (9AM ET for Americans) that will last all the way until 5.30pm.

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile is old news. But we now have Windowsphone 7 in shining armour to the rescue. I should definitely follow this conference live to bring reports. Many upcoming smartphones with WindowsPhone 7 OS are likely to be announced during the Conference. Many independent sources proclaimed that October 21st is the date for the WindowsPhone 7 European launch, while the US launch will take place on 8th November.

With what we’ve seen on the internet with respect to the user interface of WP7 along with its enterprise completeness as a platform, maybe Microsoft have corrected their previous lackluster Windows mobile experience. As they say, twice is a charm. Windowsphone 7 may just save the day for Microsoft in the mobile OS sector!



  1. Is the date in question “October 11th” or “November 11th”?
    Please cross-check your Page Title.

  2. @Afewgoodmen: He was referring to an error in the article’s title. The article you submitted had “November 11” in the title. Odd enough, the error eluded me too while editing before publishing.

    I corrected this mistake after he pointed it out.

    @Lanre: Thanks!

  3. Will Be following it live, so much interested in what is new about this OS.what sets it apart, what makes it different

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