Microsoft quietly cuts off 1,000 employees worldwide

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Earlier this year, Microsoft let go of quite a number of her staff, as part of a restructuring program. Even 85% of her Nigerian staff faced the axe then. The Q3 2015 results just came out and the company is faring badly, especially in her mobile division. We learnt that they sold 54% lesser number of phones compared to last year.

This has led to the company laying off more of her staff late last week. In an offical statement posted on New York Times, a Microsft spokesperson said the following:

“The job reductions were spread across more than one business area and country and reflect adaptations to business needs,”

Another source claims that “a noticeable” number of those release were involved in finance and legal departments.



  1. Not surprised,with no new Flagship in more than a year it doesn’t take a sooth Sayer to know Windows phone shipments was going to be bloody..

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