Microsoft replaces Nokia Store with Opera Mobile Store in Nokia-branded phones

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Opera Mobile Store

From the first quarter of 2015, people who access Nokia Store from Series 40, Series 60, Symbian, Asha and Nokia X devices will be automatically redirected to Opera Mobile Store, following Microsoft’s decision to replace Nokia Store with Opera Mobile Store as the default app store for its Nokia feature phones, Symbian and Nokia X smartphones.

The official statement from Opera says that the migration from Nokia Store to Opera Mobile Store is expected to be complete in the first half of 2015, at which point Nokia Store will be closed. Microsoft affirms that they will “continue to sell and support classic Nokia devices, which remain popular in many parts of the world.”

After purchasing Nokia’s mobile phone division months ago, Microsoft has moved to shed the “Nokia” branding from their line-up. The mobile division has been renamed Microsoft Mobile, Nokia Browser has been replaced with with Opera Browser in Nokia-branded phones, Nokia’s Lumia smartphones have been re-branded to Microsoft Lumia, and the latest move, Nokia Store gets replaced by Opera Mobile Store in Nokia-branded phones.


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