Microsoft Surface Go is an affordable tablet for digital creators

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The new Microsoft Surface Go 10-inch tablet is the smallest and most affordable product of the range yet, and it is targeted at digital creators.

Surface tablets are Microsoft’s, often-untold, success story in the gadget market. While the company has fought and lost the smartphone war, its tablets are selling well in the market. And now, Microsoft has announced the Surface Go, which they say is the smallest and most affordable product of the range.

Surface Go has a 10-inch display and is 8.3 mm thin. In addition, it has a USB-C 3.1 port; a 3.5 mm headphone jack; and a MicroSD card reader.

This new 10-inch tablet has both Wifi-only and LTE variants, and combined with a stand, keyboard and mouse, functions as a full-fledged PC.

Microsoft’s direction with the Surface range of products has been to serve creatives – writers, artists, designers, and the like. That tradition is carried on with the Surface Go. The tablet supports Surface Pen, an advanced stylus, to enhance drawing, design and even note taking.

Microsoft Surface Go

That means not everyone will be interested in one. Tablets have seen an erosion of market share in years, thanks to consumers embracing phablets. Since the arrival of smartphones with big displays, mobile users have had less use for tablets. Two sectors where tablets have thrived are graphics design (used as a loose term) and education.

While Windows phones are dead and buried, Microsoft Surface tablets have carved a niche for themselves as productivity tools for creators and have thrived in that corner.

Digital creators who are looking for a more affordable work tool than what was available in the market will find the Microsoft Surface Go interesting. It will cost $399 to get one. That is about NGN140,000. Not bad when you consider how much previous Surface devices cost. Not bad at all.


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