Microsoft Surface tablets are winning against the iPad and others

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It looks like Surface Tablets will be Microsoft’s saviour in mobile. The J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Tablet Satisfaction Study is in its sixth (6th) year. For the first time, Microsoft Surface tablets came out tops in consumer satisfaction, beating Apple’s iPads and tablets by other manufacturers.

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According to the survey, Microsoft’s tablets are the highest performers in the following three areas:

  1. variety of pre-loaded applications
  2. internet connectivity
  3. availability of manufacturer-supported accessories


Jeff Conklin, vice president of service industries at J.D. Power, has this to say:

“The Microsoft Surface platform has expanded what tablets can do, and it sets the bar for customer satisfaction. These tablet devices are just as capable as many laptops, yet they can still function as standard tablets. This versatility is central to their appeal and success.”

This survey aside, it is interesting that everyone I know who has used a Surface tablet has spoken glowingly of it. Jeff’s comments are a fair reflection of what those users have voiced out to me as well.

iPads Still Own The Market

The good sales of Surface tablets has not resulted in the iPad’s dominance of the tablet category being broken though. However, Apple keeps struggling with how to reverse declining demand for its iPads. iPads recorded a decline in sales for two straight years. And as it struggles, the Surface tablet keeps growing. But note that Apple sells as much as ten times the number of Surface tablets that Microsoft sells. That is a huge lead.

Microsoft Surface Tablets To The Rescue

While Microsoft is getting little love for its Windows smartphones, the American tech giant has had good sales with its Surface tablets. Windows Phone is practically comatose. The platform has dropped to an insignificant share of the market.

One thing is sure: if the reception and sales of the Surface is anything to go by, tablets territory is where Microsoft stands a chance of success in mobile. Windows Phone is practically in a coma. Even if Surface sales do not catch up with iPad sales, it looks like they will be Microsoft’s get-out-of-jail card in mobile.

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