Microsoft recently took the time to review the apps in the Windows Store and decided to purge over 1,500 fake apps. This action was taken

Microsoft takes down over 1,500 fake apps from Windows Store

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Microsoft recently took the time to review the apps in the Windows Store and decided to purge over 1,500 fake apps.

This action was taken in other to stop the confusion between fake and original apps, as a lot of people have been mislead into purchasing and downloading fake apps due to inaccurate titles and descriptions.They have also promised to refund the cost of apps purchased to users who have fallen victim.

In other to put a stop to this, Microsoft has decided to revisit and update it’s policy of app submissions and they include

  • The name of an app should clearly and accurately represent it’s functionality.
  • Apps should be categorized according to the function and purpose.
  • The app icon should be differentiated so they aren’t mistaken with others

With this Microsoft has shown it’s not just focused on adding more apps to the Windows Store but is also committed to the quality of apps being made available to it’s consumers.


Source: Windows Blog

  1. Errr…can someone send a memo to Google? That this exercise is overdue for the Play store…? Anyone? Thanks!

  2. The Important Thing Is… Know What You Are Looking For.. In Real Life Markets.. And The Aop Ones..

    When You Go Windows(Phone)_ Shopping, You Often Buy Useless Things.. Things You Want, But Don’t Necessarily Need.

    Same Here.

    Go To Any Market With Your Shopping List, Buy, Then, Get Out. That Way, You Don’t Ever But Junk

    Same Here.

    The Declutterization Of App Stores Is Not Necessarily About You, The Customers. It’s A House_Keeping Exercise, That Has Little To Do With You The Visitors..

    So, Why Is This News?

  3. Oga Eye.Bee.Kay I’m looking for an app, say VLC. I type the name of the app, I see 10 different versions of VLC in the store. The person will get confused na. Cleaning up junk is an advantage for the customers.

  4. If I go looking for an app in any app store, one of the first things I do is check who the developer is and read the blurb.

    So many people download an app and complain afterwards when the app description usually tells you all you need to know.

  5. Saiddigge, I Was Recently Looking From A Game Simply Named

    Checkers For Android.

    Going To Google.Play, I Found Several, Named Checkers


    The Way I Would Know The Correct One.. Would Be To Check The App Author, The Rating, The Date And Such.

    Also, Like I Said In An Earlier Comment, When You Are In An Habit Of Aimless Wondering In A (App) Store, You Are More Likely To Catch Ebola…

    Know What You Want, Get It, Get Out. .

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