Word out is that Microsoft is looking at launching Windows Phone 8 in Nigeria this year. Good news to all fans. Word is also that

Microsoft to launch Windows Phone 8 in Nigeria, but on Christmas Day?

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Word out is that Microsoft is looking at launching Windows Phone 8 in Nigeria this year. Good news to all fans. Word is also that they are looking to make services and apps unique to Nigeria available by launch date. More good news to both to developers, service providers, and consumers. Fans can expect devices from Nokia, Samsung and HTC to be pushed at the launch.

What is a bit odd is that launch date is set for Christmas Day. Yes; December 25th. There’s nothing wrong with that date in itself. I’m just wondering what informed it. Any ideas?

Whatever. Perhaps I should get ready to give myself a Christmas gift this year. Can’t remember ever, ever giving myself one before. But a Lumia 920 might just be what the doctor ordered. Now….where’s my calculator, so I can work out how much to put away daily….

  1. I am very happy about this ,MR MO how about you set aside 100,000 naira+ for the 920, with the europian price rising to $800+ but it should be cheaper here in naija

  2. Lumia 920 is currently priced above $800 in Europe, steeply higher than other competing flagships like iPhone 5, GS3, HTC One X, etc. So, by the time the Lumia lands in Nigeria, expect it to cost N125,000 plus. I suspect Samsung Ativ S might be the cheapest of the new Windows 8 phones when they all arrive Nigeria.

  3. Uh (ahem) excuse me Mr Mo, I think you’ve forgotten our little conversation a few months back…has madam got her spanking new phone yet?

  4. The ativ s is less priced than the lumia 920. its to go for $710 in Europe. though higher than the HTC windows 8x.

  5. have you guys noticed iPhone fans have since stopped calling other phones cheap. The flagships from other manufacturers these days are becoming more expensive than the iPhone. While the iPhone 5 sells for $650, the flagships of the competition are retailing for higher prices and selling / will be selling.

  6. Ummm!? Comparing the tech in them is apples to oranges (pun intended). The iPhone has no NFC, no inductive charging, meagre 4.0″ screen, outdated processor that just got an extra core added, last gen camera……………. The list goes on and on. They have nothing to justify being the most expensive so they shouldn’t even try it!

  7. my wife’s friend went into the apple store in new york yesterday to give the iPhone5 he has been waiting for all this while a spin before deciding finally to buy. He said its no different from the iPhone4S he was upgrading from other than the longer screen. The guy was disappointed, walked out and went to get himself the s3.

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