How Microsoft wants to take over your Android and iOS phones

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If you can’t build it, latch on to it and use it. Or something like that. That is Microsoft’s game plan in mobile. How else do you summarise the company’s new, fervent cross platform drive? We got full Office for Android and iOS. We got full Outlook. And now, there are reports that Microsoft is developing an advanced version of Cortana for Android and iOS.

This new version of Cortana will use research from an artificial intelligence project called “Einstein.” The idea is to have Cortana evolve into the first intelligent ‘agent’ which anticipates users needs on those platforms. Well, if that isn’t a takeover plot, I don’t know what is. Plus, that move to invest in Cyanogen’s Android fork.

As a whole, I think that Microsoft’s new drive is brilliant. It reminds me of how Google rose by riding on Windows instead of replacing it. This could just work.

  1. Brilliant plan. Microsoft has now become wiser than using “Scroogled” campaigns or attacking these companies directly.

  2. That’s the question. I think, as noted in an earlier post, they plan on making us consider moving over to WP. (Don’t see that happening, though.) But at least, it will help them to stay “relevant”.

  3. The Office app for Android sucks. It lacks so many features. Two days after installing it, I went back to Kingsoft (I think they now call it WPS). Now that’s a capable app! Works just like Office on desktop, lots of features, user-friendly UI…it empowers me so I don’t have to start looking for a system. Any one else feel this way?

  4. WPS is superb, I use it for all my spreadsheet and it’s flawless. The onedrive, Google drive integration makes it even more awesome.

  5. this is classic Microsoft. Embrace, Extend, Extinguish. they’re just limiting themselves to the first 2 (for now). seems like a good idea but the implementation could be tricky, for Cortana to work well it’ll require the kind of permissions Google Now and Siri have on Android & iOS. guess they’re done with Cortana for Windows 10 (and probably Cortana for OS X)

  6. Nobody is unbeatable, blackberry was Lord some few years ago, until apple and Android came to change the game.

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