This is how Microsoft will protect government agencies from future cyber attacks

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News of cyber attacks on big corporations and government agencies, are regular occurrences. We all know what these people suffer in losses when such attacks take place. To solve this problem, Microsoft is proffering a solution through “Microsoft Passport”.


Microsoft Passport is a feature that provides a two-step authentication process. This is achieved by using any of the following means: iris, fingerprint information or a PIN. After setting up, the user sets a gesture (either Windows Hello or a PIN) to verify identity. Afterwards, Windows then uses Microsoft Passport to authenticate the user and help them to access protected resources and services.

Benefits of Microsoft Passport

  • User convenience. After initial set up of Microsoft Passport and Hello, a user can access enterprise resources by just providing a gesture.
  • Security. Since no passwords are used, it helps circumvent phishing and brute force attacks. It also helps prevent server breaches.


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