Microsoft will sell Lumia phones after lease of Nokia brand expires

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Lumia brand

It is no longer news that Microsoft recently acquired Nokia’s mobile devices unit (not Nokia as a company), and leased the Nokia brand for use for a little while. Under the terms of the deal, Nokia has to stay away from producing mobile phones for a number of years, during which Microsoft gets to use the Nokia brand name. But the long term goal is that eventually, Microsoft will let go of the Nokia brand name and produce devices under their own brand.

As some of us have suspected, it is looking like Microsoft will eventually market their devices under the Lumia brand after they let go of the Nokia brand name. That makes sense. It is perhaps the most sensible way forward. News is that Microsoft indeed acquired the following popular brand names from Nokia: Lumia, PureView, and ClearBlack.

So, we can expect to see Lumia phones for a ling time, and very likely Asha too. And we can expect Microsoft to continue to use the PureView branding on their smartphones. But a greater question is this: will Nokia ever return to making smartphones after the terms of the acquisition are fully met? Huh?

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