• Thu. Apr 15th, 2021

Microsoft is currently working on something related to Windows 10 Mobile. However, it is not an upgrade for the operating system. The Windows 10 Mobile core has been discontinued, and thus it will not be updated anymore. Instead, Microsoft appears to be working on a new operating system, known as Andromeda OS.

Microsoft no longer needs its own system in the mobile area. This is because Andromeda OS will run on all its upcoming devices, irrespective of how identical they will look. According to rumors at Windows Central, the Windows 10 Mobile system will be discontinued at the Redstone 2 update level. However, it will still be provided with security and stability updates. The platform cores for PC and smartphones will not be developed together anymore, also.windows 10 andromeda os

According to reports, Microsoft’s Andromeda OS will be a modular operating system, based on Windows. The goal is to separate individual parts of the platform from the overall design in order to run on various kinds of devices. As for current Windows phones, they will still receive security and stability updates until the end of 2018. Microsoft can even release new individual functions on the platform fairly easily.

This proposed reboot with Andromeda OS seems like it will be quite exciting. After all, the market is still open to operating systems that work beyond platform boundaries and power diverse types of devices. But then, Windows 10 was supposed to be exactly that kind of operating system, but it did not quite live up to that expectation. Thus, this is technically a return to the starting line for Microsoft. However, we can certainly hope that Microsoft gets it right this time.

In the meantime, Android fans will recognize the name Andromeda as a futile attempt by Google to merge Android and Chrome OS. Work on Google’s Andromeda was stopped earlier this year. Now, Google has switched its attention to new project Fuchsia. But ultimately, Microsoft’s Andromeda OS is completely different.



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4 thoughts on “Microsoft working on Andromeda OS”
  1. I hope Microsoft get all the love they deserved when this new development finally comes out. Maybe the new Microsoft OS will be able to compete with Android OS now.

  2. kudos to Microsoft for their good work may they continue with this great idea of theirs to be able to compete with Android os I will be happy to see that day.

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