Microsoft’s Garage playground churns out cool Android apps

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Microsoft Garage Android apps

The Garage is a playground within Microsoft for trying out creative ideas. Consider it a startup within the Microsoft organisation. The official blog defines it as “a support system, an incubator, and full of cheerleaders.. a sort of preserve – an open space where people can find their wonder and creativity.” All sorts of creative people are working on all sorts of ideas in there, some of which eventually get incorporated into existing Microsoft products, and others standalone.

What is very interesting is that the Garage has produced three cool Android OS apps:

  1. Torque – a really cool Bing-powered app for Android wear
  2. Next Lock Screen – a time saver lock screen app built for busy professionals
  3. Journeys & Notes – an app that helps travellers leave behind notes for fellow travelers to discover, or stumble across the serendipitous gems of wisdom shared by others

You never thought the day would come; did you? Microsoft making Android apps. Oh well. It is a new day in the world of smartphones, and it has taken a long time to get here. We might as well get with the programme.

You can read up more about the apps here: Microsoft Garage Publishes Three New Apps Onto Google Play.

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