Microsoft’s Path Guide helps you navigate within buildings

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For some people, finding a specific place in a large building is a big task. For example, when in a giant shopping mall, one could take a wrong turn and find himself completely lost. Normally, it would make sense to just ask someone for directions. However, there is an app now that can help you locate your destination without stress. The app is called Path Guide, developed by Microsoft, and it is mainly focused on intuitive indoor navigation.

Path Guide is a completely map-free, infrastructure-free, plug-and-play indoor navigation service, which makes use of natural walking patterns and ubiquitous geomagnetism to guide users to destinations along a path collected by a previous user. Basically, if someone has walked that path before, you can find it with Path Guide. There are three steps to start using Path Guide:Path Guide

  • The user records sensory data with his device during an indoor walk. The location-specific geomagnetic features from the sensory data are combined with the user’s walking patterns to build a reference trace.
  • The reference trace is pushed to the cloud, where it can be searched for by others for navigation.
  • Once the reference trace is downloaded, the app compares and synchronizes the current user readings with the reference trace. Then it guides the user in real time from the same starting point to the final destination.

This app is particularly useful for business located in large shopping malls and office complexes, as customers and clients can use it to find their location. This is a great concept, somewhat like the directions you manually create in Google My Maps. However, this is much easier to make. The process for creating these directions is as simple as taking a walk.

Path Guide is currently offered as a free service. There are no in-app purchases and advertisements contained in the app. so, go ahead and check it out in the Google Play Store and tell us what you think.

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