Microsoft’s Xbox Insider program now easier to access

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Microsoft opened its Xbox Insider feedback program to the public back in January. This week, the company is making it easier for people to get access to beta system updates. Prior to this, you could opt into the Xbox Insider program,, and tests would arrive only a short while before being released to the general public. Now, Microsoft is simplifying its Xbox Insider groups, allowing people to progress through each stage to get earlier access to Xbox One dashboard software.

The Omega Ring is the default option for anyone looking to sign up to the Xbox Insider program. It allows participants to get a preview of a new dashboard update just before it is available to the public, just like before. Now, though, if testers provide enough feedback (known as XP levels), they can progress to the Delta ring. The new Delta ring will receive builds earlier, and if enough feedback is provided along with three months of activity, then the Beta ring will be free to insider

These simplified rings are still a bit complex, and Microsoft is still restricting the top-tier Alpha ring to invite-only early access. From time to time, the best Beta and Delta users will get invited to join the Alpha group. Right now, Microsoft is testing the new Xbox One dashboard with this smaller group of Alpha testers, and it is expected to begin releasing this to Beta ring testers later this month.

Microsoft is also working with some game studios to provide play-tests of unreleased games for Xbox Insiders. Games like Sea of Thieves have been tested through this method. Also, Paladins will be available for all Xbox Insiders with an XP level of 10 or higher soon. So, gamers on the Xbox Insider program with an XP level of at least 10 are eligible to get this game before it is released.


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  1. This information makes me fall in love with games, more and more. Kudos to Microsoft on this.

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