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Traditionally, the Mobility Nigeria team has focused on reviews of higher end mobile devices. In truth, that is where most of the action have been for years. The higher end of the mobile market is always the cutting edge, and that is what we have focused on.

However, with the current economic climate we understand that many phone users will be looking more at the mid-tier range for a balance between cost and features – and that makes a lot of sense.

We also see that manufacturers are now in a drive to push out some high-specs mid-tier devices. Think of the Nokia 5800 and the E63. Under normal circumstances, devices with those capabilities didn’t come at those prices.

But even the 5800 is still in the higher bracket of the mid-tier. On the lower rungs of the mid-tier are some interesting devices that we will be bringing your way.

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  1. I dont quite agree with u.Nokia 5800 is not a mid tier phone.what with all its features & capabilities.if Nokia 5800 is a mid tier phone, i dont know what u will call phones such as Nokia 6120,5320 etc. Besides u didnt tell us what makes a phone to be called ‘mid tier’.

  2. Azeez,

    The 5800 is certainly not in the higher bracket of mobile devices.

    The industry is pretty much agreed that the 5800 is a mid-tier device. A few references:

    1. Nokia 5800 – touch-enabled, mid-range, music-focussed S60 phone
    2. Nokia Comes with Music must come with operators
    3. Symbian – Taking Mobile Phones Into The Future
    4. Nokia pulls new smartphone from shelves: 5800 reportedly can’t find a 3G signal in U.S.

    For high-end phones, look in the direction of devices like the Nokia E90, Nokia N95, Apple iPhone, Sony Ericsson Xperia x1, HTC Touch Diamond2, Samsung i8910 Omnia HD, etc.

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