This might be why that Android game has refused to work

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A time comes when you download an Android game outside Google play Store. Maybe from the wild, collected from a friend, either via phone or PC, and after installation the game refuses to play. These could be one of the few causes:

  • Games gotten from other sources are compressed to zip. If not downloaded properly or completely, It will not open. You have to be sure to download the file completely. Very important.
  • Incompatibility issues: Sometimes game makers release different variants of the same game for different graphic processors. You see the likes of Tegra, PowerVR, Mali, and Adreno. So make sure to download the one that suits your device else it won’t work.
  • Moving files to appropriate folders: Heavy games come in two parts APK file and DATA file. Both files are needed for the game to work. Install the APK file first (Don’t open it), then extract the DATA file to it’s appropriate folder.
  • The appropriate folder could be any of these three: Android/dataAndroid/obb


    Depending on what was stated on the game’s download page.

  • Screen Resolution: Maybe the game didn’t play because the resolution is too big or too small for you device. Some games are multi-screen, adapting to any screen, while some others are pegged on a particular screen resolution.

If you go through all these and the game still refuses play, it’s probably the witches from your village. Pay me homage let’s prepare a sacrifice to appease the gods of mobile 😆

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