This might be the most secure method for locking smartphones

Have you ever held someone’s BlackBerry phone and saw a grid of numbers – like in a Sudoku game? It is quite perplexing. The first day I came across it, I asked, “What is this?”, “It is a kind of security lock”, the reply I got. The feature we are talking about is called BlackBerry Picture Password. How does it work? How do we set it up? Read on:

BlackBerry- picture-lock
Basically, this feature lets you combine a number and a picture to unlock your BlackBerry, instead of the regular passwords we are used to. Setting it up is easy too:


  • Pick a number
  • Drag the number to a location on the picture and Press OK. ( This is the unlock combination)
  • To confirm, you drag the number to the part of the picture you earlier chose.
  • That’s all.


To unlock this would be difficult, unless one know the number you chose, and then the location on the picture where it should be placed. That already sounds like a mission impossible.

Please note that the Picture Password feature works only on BlackBerry 10 devices.

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