MiniBrowser Mobile gets bumped to version 3.0

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MiniBrowser Mobile is one of those sleek Qt apps for Symbian^3 devices. It is a fast minimalistic browser. I had been using the version 2.0 on my E7 for months now.


As a matter of fact, I recently went on a Qt adventure. What do I mean by that? I decided to adopt Qt apps as my preferred options. As such, if an app on the E7 has a Qt 3rd party alternative, I download, install and use that Qt app as my default app for the specific task.

As far as I know, MiniBrowser Mobile is the only 3rd party mobile browser for Symbian that is built with Qt, so it is currently the browser that I use on my smartphone.


MBM arrived offering tabbed browsing, autofill of forms, option to load web pages in mobile mode and can automatically pick your phone’s default access point.

In addition, there’s bookmarks, history, adblock, kinetic scrolling, address bar auto-completion, zooming, and full-screen mode.

Version 3.0 brought in some significant improvements, including the following:
– Smoother scrolling
– Multi-touch
– Images on/off
– Javascript on/off
– Autohide menu when browsing i.e. auto full screen

In all, MBM offers a sleek user interface and tries to get out of your way as much as possible. It is also much faster than the built-in Nokia browser. Unfortunately, there is no text reflow when you zoom in.


If you want something different from Opera Mobile and Opera Mini, MiniBrowser Mobile is a good alternative. It is smaller in footprint and very resource-efficient.

MiniBrowser Mobile is available for download from the Ovi/Nokia Store.

  1. I’m gonna upgrade mine now.

    Opera Mini is still my choice for my Nate when using Glo/Airtel/Etisalat, but I use MBM when my MTN sim is in the Nate.

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