Mister Mo Comments On The President In The Tomb

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All those of you who are throwing vituperations over the fact that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria spent taxpayers’ funds on pilgrimage (including a mammoth entourage) to be prayed for in the tomb of Jesus Christ in the Holy Land in Israel, what is wrong with you? Can’t you see? He needs the Resurrection power is why. There can be no other logical explanation.


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  1. I just they laugh. What does he need resurrection power for. To declare his personal assets, or to grant pardon to a confirmed criminal, or to increase fuel price again, or to restore ASUU. Hmm may be to be able to fight G7. Nigerian are not fooled again

  2. Clearly, We don’t need prayers anymore in Nigeria.

    Faith without work is dead. Prayers without a radical. Mental shift is waste of Taxpayer’s money.

    O pari.

  3. Did you say He doesn’t need prayers? oops! He needs it, that’s what his religion enjoins home to keep doing: pray without ceasing!
    Unlike the other religion that commands the destruction of those who don’t share their beliefs and Prophet

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