Mister Mo discusses Blogging on the 7 Minute Show

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In this engaging and informative video, Bella Rose Okojie hosts Mister Mo of Mobility Arena and Seyi Akinrinmade of NotJustOk to a discussion about blogging on the 7 Minute Show, a video show from the TechCityNg crew. According to its name, the show is supposed to run for just 7 minutes, but this recording was so much fun that it is being spread across 3 shows, so watch out for the 2nd and 3rd parts of “The Anatomy of a blog”.

techcity 7 Minute Show

The two bloggers took time to explain what a blog is, the difference between a blog and a website, as well as various issues around blogging in Nigeria.

Enjoy this first video in the series:

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