Mister Mo gets nominated for Blogger Of The Year 2014 at Social Media Awards Africa

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vote Yomi Adegboye SMAA

We have great news! MOBILITY Blog founder and our boss here, Yomi Adegboye, aka Mr Mo The Moverick, has been nominated for Blogger Of The Year 2014 at the Social Media Awards. Whoop! Whoop!! Once again, his dedication to originality and creativity over the years is being noticed.

From his reviews and opinion pieces to his infotainment works like Mobilista and House Of Mo series, among others, he churns out original content in creative ways to inform and help others. This has seen him gain influence and recognition from both consumers and brands from all over the African continent and beyond.

Today, Mobility.ng is Africa’s foremost mobile technology blog, and its new sister blog, House of Mo is one of the fastest growing blogs in the country too.

Of course, none of this would have happened without you – our lovely and highly esteemed readers and partners. This nomination is a tribute to you as it is to him (and to those of us who work with him). Thank you.

The Social Media Awards Africa is about excellence and impact. It is to reward excellence, creativity and impact within the African social media space. I believe that these are virtues that describe Mr Mo’s work in digital media, and that he deserves to win. Results are a combination of the judging of a jury and public voting.

To vote for Mister Mo:

Please do share the link on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or in any other way you can. Your votes are highly appreciated. Once again, thank you!


  1. Mo ti n dibofun e Mr. Mo!
    Please don’t mind my broken Yoruba.
    You deserve this award. Your hard work is quite appreciated.

  2. Hearty congrats to you.You reaIIy deserve not just being nominated alone but to win. God be with you.

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