Mister Mo gets version 4.1 birthday update

Birthday cake 4-1

The homo sapien and homo superior known to you as Mister Mobility today received a birthday software update to version 4.1. The last update he received was 4.0 exactly a year ago on the 10th of April 2013.

We have also been informed that besides Mrs. Mo special treat, other Mobilistas have sent consignments of cakes and goodies to Mister Mo’s home. The cake in the photo above is a case in point. Mister Mo’s Twitter TL and messaging channels have been abuzz all morning with family, friends and fans getting in touch to wish him a happy birthday.

Here at MOBILITY, we are blessed to have such a blessing be part of this generation. We are glad that there are others who agree with us:

MOBILITY blog also got some well-deserved praise:

In related news, some “disgruntled elements” and “detractors” are using the occasion to attempt to spoil Mister Mo’s parole on these streets. Here is an example of one of them:

We assure you that there is no element of truth in the allegation that Mister Mo is an octogenarian. Sometimes, people who run bars have too much to drink… 🙂 But ignore Mr Enclave’s jab; he is a big fan. He’s alright.

This story is in development, so hang around.

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  1. Mr. Mo, wishing you Happy Birthday would be too trite. Besides, you are only as happy as you make up your mind to be. So, that decision is strictly YOUR call!

    Instead, I enjoin you to keep on keeping on, and not deviate from the narrow path of righteousness, in your service to humanity.

    Stay upright…

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