Mister Mo Models For Calvin Klein?

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I was playing around with the Lumia 1020 at home yesterday. I thought I would try something creative. I drew all the curtains and turned off all lights except for the tiny flashlight of a power bank. I tried to play that on my beautiful bottle of Euphoria and my ugly face. Yes; I know it is a horrible combination, but bear with me.

For the most part, my face kept spoiling the images (just look at that annoying pimple in the photo!). Sigh. Anyway, the image below is a crop of what I consider to be the best of the lot that I took.

Calvin Klein - Euphoria - Mo

I should try for modelling. No? Come on, guys!

Anyway, later in the day, I went out to get dirty with the Lumia 1020. My destination was the National Arts Theatre at Iganmu. On getting there, however, I met hordes of people and the whole place in disarray. Not exactly the kind of environment I could do any serious shooting. People were really celebrating. Anyway, I headed over to the University of Lagos, where I did some evening photography. Here is an appetiser:

Lumia1020-UNILAG Lagoon Front

In this shot, my focus was to create a contrast between the grass in the foreground and everything else. I like how the Xenon flash lights up the grass in the foreground and leaves the rest untouched. There is some Bokeh here too, as I manually focused on the foreground grass again. You can see how everything else is blurred out.

I have some other interesting shots for you – and in most of them, I was playing with lights, both natural and artificial. You can expect those pictures to be published here later today, or at worst tomorrow morning. I still need to get out and shoot daylight photographs though – and hopefully, I will be able to do that this week.

As mentioned already elsewhere, I am learning to use Nokia Pro Cam and hope to get the hang of it fully soon.

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