The LG Optimus L3 E400 is a superbly designed device. As far as I can tell, it is the best looking budget Android smartphone in

Mister Mo reviews the LG Optimus L3 E400

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The LG Optimus L3 E400 is a superbly designed device. As far as I can tell, it is the best looking budget Android smartphone in the market. To top that, it looks better than many more expensive devices.

LG Optimus L3 E400

Its design is boxy with nice curves accentuating it. The front is black plastic encased in a silver frame. The back cover is a nice white with a textured section surrounded by a plain and smooth area. There at the back you will find the 3.0 megapixel camera and the LG logo.

LG L3 E400 rear view

All the standard Android features are there – 3G, USB tethering, WiFi hotspot, Gmail, email, web browser and others.

LG Optimus L3 E400 Camera
The L3 has a 3.2 megapixel camera without flash. Don’t expect to take good low-light pictures with this baby. But in good light, it is passable. Which leads me to the display on the unit.

LG Optimus L3 E400 Display
Being a low-end device, the display is not fantastic. Resolution is only 240 x 320 pixels. Because it is also large at 3.2 inches, images appear pixelated. This means that if you want to see the true quality of the pictures that you take on the E400, you need to beam or transfer them to a device with a better display. Your photos will look much better.

LG Optimus L3 E400 Multimedia
What we have here are the stock Android music and video players. Audio quality of music playback is nothing to get excited about. Volume isn’t great either. Video playback is basic too, and only the most basic of video formats are supported.

LG Optimus L3 E400 Performance
The 800 MHz processor seems quite capable of handling the E400 smoothly for the most part. As usual on most Android devices, in gallery, images take some time to load, but nothing terrible.

LG Optimus L3 E400 Battery Life
If there is one outstanding reason apart from the other good reasons to love the E400 that we have already seen, it is the battery life. Packing a 1,500 mAh battery, this is the Android smartphone for people who don’t want to nurse their phones through a day of use.

LG Optimus L3 E400 Conclusion
Pic below: Optimus L3 E400 beside Samsung Galaxy Pocket.

The LG Optimus L3 E400 is a winner. I haven’t gushed over a low-cost smartphone like this in a while. It simply ticks all the boxes nicely. As already said in my earlier low-cost Android comparison, the E400 is the budget Android smartphone to beat. I quote:

Overall, on paper, the LG Optimus L3 E400 is the little guy to beat. It has the best looks, largest display, and beefiest battery, while keeping up-to-speed with the others in other features, with the exception of built-in memory where the Pocket trounces it.

In actual use, this Optimus does not detract from what’s on paper. And at a comfortable price of N19,500, the E400 is serious value for money. Highly recommended.

Mo Ratings
Class: Low-cost smartphone. Score: 9/10


  1. sounds great…at 23
    but still prefer galaxy y pro duios,..28k dual sim,

  2. I had considered this as a replacement to my current phone, but the lack of flash was the deciding factor as I take lots of pictures.

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