Mister Mo Speaks Up: “I’m proud to be a poly-smartphonist”

Posted by Mister Mobility

It has been a long road since 2001 when I got my first mobile phone, Motorola T2288. That was a different world then from what we now live in. It was a world of candy-bar phones with hardware keys and T9 predictive text input. Since then, I have owned all types of phones, from Motorola’s A008 touchscreen clam-shell to Nokia’s legendary Communicators. I have owned phones running Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Android OS, BlackBerry OS, WebOS, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry 10. I

have used a wide range of feature phones too. In all, I have owned over 120 mobile devices till date. And I have reviewed even more than those I have personally owned.

Some have made attempts to fix me into a box. You are a BlackBerry fan. You are a Symbian fanboy. You talk only about Windows Phone. And I have laughed at all the attempts. Because in their minds, a man cannot love more than one woman smartphone platform at a time. In their minds.

1 Kings 11:1: King Solomon, however, loved many foreign women

I have no idea where people get that notion from, but it isn’t from reality. Human history shows that the notion is a lie. It is very possible to love multiple persons or items.

I have not hidden my taste for multiple smartphone platforms, but perhaps I have never made a categorical statement about it. So, here I am settling all doubts about it: I am proud to be a polygamist. A smartphone polygamist. I have been married to a wide range of platforms. Some of my wives have passed on. Symbian OS is dead. So are Palm and WebOS. Life happens. Life goes on. If I live long enough, some of my current wives will die off too and I shall marry new ones.

My current wives are: Android OS, Windows OS and BlackBerry 10 OS. But like King Solomon, I also have concubines besides my multiple wives. Jolla OS. Tizen OS. Maybe some others may come along sometime in the future.

My love for multiple platforms is why I am not Mister Android, Mister BlackBerry or Mister Windows. I am Mister Mobility, and so shall it remain. I thrive on the variety of the different smartphone platforms. I can go from bubbling in excitement over an Android smartphone to having nerdgasms over a Windows smartphone, and the next moment extol this other BlackBerry smartphone. The virtues of one do not take away anything from the other. They are beautiful in their different ways.

All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small…..


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  1. Yes, variety is the spice of a mobile serial philanderer!

    At least, thank God you’re a straight polygamist, not a gaily bent pervert.

  2. I can go from bubbling in excitement over an Android smartphone to having nerdgasms over a Windows smartphone, and the next moment extol this other BlackBerry smartphone.

    Perhaps, MOverick has forgotten Matthew 6:24? Man shall not serve two masters, not to talk of four?

    It is also written,choose this day whom you will serve. See Joshua 24:14-15

    God created Adma,then Eve.

    My God is not a polygamist. We should not be antagonistic to the monogamist, jealous nature of our creator

    I strive to be like HIM. A monogamous individual. In marital issue. In mobile issues. I do android. Nothing else. Just me.

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