Mister Mobility appearing on InfoPlay on LoveWorldPlus TV

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LoveWorldPlus InfoPlay

InfoPlay is a LOVEWORLD PLUS 45 minutes live show dedicated to information about just anything, any place and person, group of people or organization. The show delves into all manner of information, whether it is something as complex as rocket science or as simple as the sugar and the salt you use every day.

Dayo Olutunfese and I have been invited to appear on today’s show to talk about mobile technology. InfoPlay is on air today, Thursday, at 1.30pm and there will be a repeat broadcast by 11pm next Tuesday.

InfoPlay can also be watched live on the internet at LoveWorldPlus.org.

  1. Why the rebranding? I preferred Mr Mobility better. Mr Mo makes you seem affiliated with Month from Moments with Mo… But maybe, that’s just me.
    Goodluck on the show.

  2. Muyiscoi,

    Hahaha! That’s BB’s auto-complete for you o. Mo for month. Tehehe. There was already “Mo” for mobility, motivated, mogul, monumental, and more of all that!

    Feel free to keep calling me Mister Mobility. The full name remains valid, as you’ll see I used it in the header of this post. Mr. Mo is simply a shortened form. The re-branding is required because I am getting involved iin other areas of passion and endeavours outside of mobility, and a uniform brand identity is essential.

    The short form, “Mr. Mo”, retains the link to mobility, whithout sounding techy. Actually, I’ve been told it sounds sexy…which sort of suits my purposes well 😉

  3. Eh..eh..

    If Mosunmola Abudu (Moments with Mo) is anything like Apple, we will probably soon read about a case in court!

    Name infringement!

    It is a litigious world nowadays…

  4. Eyebeekay,

    That litigation will be bloody. I will drag in the Mohits guys too. Then, there’s my wife, another Mo(jisola) by birth and actual name – which actually makes me a Mr. Mo by reason of marriage.

    Perhaps we need some of that sort of excitement around here too? LOL.

  5. Was geared to watch today because I won’t be able to on Tuesday…and got distracted 🙁 Hope it will be available to view online at another time?

  6. Eeya. Pele. Thanks for the effort. The only other time that I know it will be aired again is next Tuesday.

    I did have a great time. A jolly good show it was.

  7. Please, on what cable channel do they air love world plus 45? I will want to watch the one on Tuesday.

  8. I was just reading the post this afternoon when I realised the programme had started. I clicked on the link and I saw Mo explaining GPS navigation on mobile and how it assisted him while touring sometime ago.
    Wish I could stay tuned but I had to go back to assignments on my desk. Hoping to create time to watch the repeat next week or can we get it to download, Yomi?

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