During the Nokia Lumia 630 launch event a few days ago at Protea Hotel, Ikeja, I spent a few minutes chatting with Nick Imudia, MD of Nokia…

Mister Mobility chats with Nick Imudia, MD Nokia West Africa at Lumia 630 launch

Mo Mayor Nick
L-R: Mister Mobility, Mayor Esiaba Consumer Engagement Manager, NOKIA West & Central Africa, and Nick Imudia, MD, Nokia West & Central Africa

During the Nokia Lumia 630 launch event a few days ago at Protea Hotel, Ikeja, I spent a few minutes chatting with Nick Imudia, MD of Nokia West/Central Africa. When he was told that I had owned over a hundred smartphones, he asked if they were all Nokias! I get the impression I might have driven home in a Range Rover Sport if I had said a yes to that. Oh well; just my luck. But he was impressed with my count of 32 Nokias and proudly showed off his Lumia 930 to me. Sigh. Nick has no idea how close I came to nicking that phone off him.


My first question for him was what plans Nokia has for the Nigerian market. Nokia is clearly betting high on making an indelible stamp with the Lumia 630. His reply:

Basically, we plan to get as much awareness as much as possible. That’s the first thing. Secondly, we want people to know that with the Nokia Lumia 630, you have a smartphone that is affordable, dual SIM, and with all the Microsoft services. And it is a really beautiful device too. Our plan is to get it out there and deploy it in all the retail outlets we have in Nigeria. We have started this already this week.

Within the next couple of days it will be everywhere. We are launching this campaign of bringing it to the people. Telling people that we are back, we are here. And then you can get the device.

Mister Mobility and Nick Imudia
Myself and Nick Imudia, MD of Nokia West/Central Africa after our chat.

I had handled the device for a few minutes before then and found it amazing at what it does. I asked Nick for how much it would cost in the market. “It depends on the retail outlets, it would be somewhere between N25,000 and N30,000. It is a beautiful price point for what it can do,” was his response. Yes; the Lumia 630 joins the esteemed ranks of sub-N30,000 smartphones in the market.


I had just a few minutes with him and only three questions to ask. Having used up two of my slots, I threw a general one at him: “Is there anything you would personally want to say to our readers, Nokia fans and also people who have sat on the sidelines about Nokia’s choice of Windows Phone?”

Nick didn’t hold back. He threw out a challenge: “I want to challenge them to try out the phone. I challenge them to go to the nearest retail outlet, play with the Lumia 630, and I guarantee you that they will not leave without getting one.”


Having had hands-on time with the Lumia 630, I definitely agree that it is a superb product and one that everyone should try out. Of course, a full review is coming your way right here on MOBILITY, so don’t go away.

PS: The Lumia 630 is available in stores now for N28,000.

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  1. Ola Joseph,

    512 MB of RAM on Windows Phone is more than adequate. As mentioned in my hands-on, The Lumia 630 is very fast in usage even with switching between multiple apps.

    The 512MB of RAM is no issue.

  2. He’s using a 930 already!!!??! That is so unfair. That phone should be mine. Such partiality from Nokia, valuing their employee over me, their loyal customer.

    Anyway, did he say if/when they’ll change their name to ‘Microsoft Mobile Ltd’?

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