Mister Mobility – Lost

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She was lost. Hopelessly lost. How could she feel this way about anyone? How could any man have such a powerful effect on her like this? She wondered whether our not this was the authentic item or simply one of those crushes that faded away like smoke as the days went by.

She had always been the tough one. She prided herself in being in firm control of her emotions. Now, she felt like a runaway locomotive with no functional brakes. She was hurtling madly towards certain collision.

Even worse was that for the very first time, she didn’t care. She felt the wild passions, the very things she had shielded herself from for years. But she felt no alarm.

Tonight was one of those nights. Text-book perfect. The stuff of fairy tales. The two of them stood on the quiet, sandy beach. No words had been spoken for several minutes. None were needed. Yet they communicated. Clearly. Deeply. Intensely.

The waves lapped gently at their feet. The faint light of the night interpreted the ripples of the waves in a soothing shimmering pattern. The cool ocean breeze caressed their frames. Everything was magnificent.

He gently untangled get from the hug and heels get head gently in his hands. instinctively, she lifted her eyes to look into his, as if searching, probing, and seeking.

Madness. Pure madness. She had gone mad. All those rules of engagement has been thrown out the window. Was this a cruel joke of life? Was it not said that those whom the goods would destroy, they first make mad? That was it. This read too good to be true. Certain destruction must lie ahead.

But o, what a way to be destroyed! Better to be destroyed having known what it was to love with a passion than to live without that knowledge. This raw fire that burnt in her had been totally unknown to her just two weeks before. There was no way to have imagined anything like this even if she had tried. This was…well, delicious. And unbelievable.

However it played out, she had fallen in love with this quiet, unassuming young man and she was happy. Instinctively, she pressed her body into his and closed her eyes again.

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