Mister Mobility Plays In The Rain

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Do you remember my article about the lingering heat in Lagos?. Yes, that.

Well, it has been unbearable. However, this afternoon, dark clouds suddenly gathered and the heavens opened up. There was only one thing on my mind – go play outside like we used to many years ago as kids.

I put on a pair of shorts and bolted outside. For several minutes, I simply bathed in the cold, pouring rain. Some neighbours must have wondered what got into me.

Blame it on the heat!

Anyway, I bathed, danced and pranced around. My son caught the bug and bolted outside to join me. He had some brief fun, because the parent in me feared he would catch a cold. I sent him back in. I have him hunting around the house for the jar of Mentholatum right now so he can get a rub.

It is still raining, but I am back inside now. Before coming in, I had my son take a pic of dad in the rain. He was overjoyed. It was the first time I was letting him handle the Samsung Galaxy S II (my kids know not to touch dad’s phones unless specifically instructed).

I think he did a good job, considering the circumstances.

  1. Right after u bro, as soon as the gathering clouds transform into rain, out I go.

  2. Mr Yomi, you are such a funny man! I can’t wait †?? do same here º°??°ºoo ooo . I can’t bear d heat any longer. Welldone and its my prayer that Mobility Blog will continue †?? grow from strength †?? strength!

  3. I can bet that Abeokuta where I now reside is hotter!
    We need rain here, Oh God!
    Send down the rain.

  4. Nice1.

    The heat was unbearable, I was so happy to see the rains, hoping, we wont have to keep the gen on over night today cos we have used over 80litres of petrol this week.

    A water proof gadget would have skyrocketed this awesome moment.

  5. Glad to know rain came your side today. We had rain yesterday evening in Sapele after weeks of hellish heat that virtually turned me black.

    But as for going out in the rain like that…..
    Your neighbors would probably have used the same words as metamba above…. 😀

  6. See this old man oh. Lmao. U remind me of my best friend he is always so jovial even thou the man don pass 30. I envy you. I dare not do it cause my fat body will kill people with laughter. No catch cold oh. Lol.

  7. Oppsss…..

    Sorry for using the wrong name above.

    “HareKrishna is d Way” is not a name.
    It is an expression in another post.
    My name is deoladoctor.

  8. (” (my parents know not to touch dad’s phones unless specifically instructed).)”

    Surely, I know you mean “Your Kids”, 😉

    I would’ve done same thing. But I’d have kept my singlet on! I envy you sha. Nice!

    @deoladoctor “Harekrishna is the way” is no bad name. Stop fretting, chief!

  9. *coughs* well well. I hope this picture does not come to haunt you later on sha. I have saved a copy for future reference. *winks*

  10. Afewgoodmen,

    Thanks, that error is regretted and has been corrected.

    Keweno and jakigaga, I know who to finger as my detractors should this pic ever come back to haunt me 🙂

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