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Mister Mobility reviews the Gionee M2

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Gionee M2 front

Quick Specs

Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
DualSIM, one micro-SIM + one mini-SIM
144 x 72 x 10.5 mm size
5-inch 480 x 854 pixel display
Quad-core 1.3 GHz Mediatek 6582 processor + Mali 400 GPU
4 GB internal storage plus micro-SD card slot
8 MP autofocus camera, plus flash
4200 mAh battery


The Gionee M2 runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. However, app icons and other aspects of the user interface have been modified. The dropdown menu and Settings are two areas where the customisation stand out.

Gionee M2 dropdown

The music app is another, and this is perhaps where the most glaring customisation has been done.

Gionee M2 Music app

I am not sure that the customisation has a uniform pattern though. Not that it hinders usability in any way that I can tell, but it would be nice to see a central theme that the customisations follow.

On to apps, the M2 Came pre-installed with an older version of Twitter, and that worked fine. However, after updating it to the latest version available in Google Play, the app would close every time I launched it. So, I un-installed it off the phone, then re-installed fresh from Google Play, and all was well again. No biggie. Just don’t panic should you get the “Unfortunately, Twitter has now stopped” error after updating the app.

Email Attachments

Gionee M2 email attachment
Composing an email, there was no way to attach anything other than images and audio files. The funny thing is that there is a file manager that comes pre-installed on the phone. Anyway, the problem got solved by installing one of my favourite file managers from Google Play. Don’t forget this if you send email attachments for work.


Loudspeaker volume is quite good, and the audio quality, while not exceptional, is good too. Video playback is good too. The 8 megapixel camera is okay but won’t be winning any awards. Here is a sample daylight photo with very good natural lighting:
Gionee M2 sample camera shot

Image resolution isn’t great, but no-one should be penalising a budget smartphone for that. Many 5 megapixel cameras I know take much better pictures. But then, you already know that megapixel count is not the only factor in determining photo quality; don’t you? Here is a crop of the above image (you can click on the image to get the full-sized crop):
Gionee M2 sample camera shot cropped
As a whole, we are looking at standard, not exceptional media capabilities. Nothing out of pace at this price range.


In everyday use, performance has been quite fine. The device is not sluggish, but it isn’t top of the line either. But then, that is more than acceptable for a budget smartphone. I played Danger Dash on the M2, and didn’t notice any lags each time I did. I have no idea how it will hold up under more intensive games.

Running raw benchmark tests, the M2 performs within the range of other sub-N30,000 Android smartphones like the Moto G, Honor 3C and LG D410:

  • AnTuTu: 17,178
  • Quadrant: 5,865

Battery Life

Gionee M2 4200mAh battery
The great selling point of the Gionee M2 is the huge battery capacity, and fortunately, the 4200mAh battery didn’t disappoint. You have to be really evil to drain the M2’s battery in one working day. I mean, you must have witchcraft of the highest order. Not once did the M2 run out of battery power in 24 hours of use. In some cases of not so heavy use, the phone went on for over 2 days – with an active internet connection in all scenarios.


The Gionee M2 is a bit chunky at a thickness of 10.5mm, and you will feel the heft when you pick it up. But for those who are looking for an affordable Android smartphone with good performance and a battery life to die for, this is the one.

It costs just N24,000. It is serious value for money at that price. It has got features that you would find on upper mid-tier devices. Think of it this way: it has performance comparable to the Moto G, has slightly larger display, a better camera, a microSD card slot (which the Moto G lacks), and a much beefier battery. The only edge that the Moto G has over the M2 is that the Moto G has access to timely Android OS updates.

My verdict: if you don’t mind the thickness and the heft, this is a splendid smartphone to spend your N24,000 on.


  1. This phone is cute
    to own. Surprisingly, I noticed the colours of the widgets or icons on my phone suddenly changed to not attractive colours and I can’t get back my previous. pls help!

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