We have had the Orbra Inferno with us for a while and Mister Mobility has used it on a daily basis. In this Orbra Inferno review article,…

Mister Mobility’s Orbra Inferno Review

We have had the Orbra Inferno with us for a while and Mister Mobility has used it on a daily basis. In this Orbra Inferno review article, he spells out whether or not this tablet is a good buy.


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Orbra Inferno Review: Quick Verdict

The Orbra Inferno is a 7-inch Android tablet that catches your attention immediately. It looks and feels well built, with some premium feel. It certainly doesn’t feel like some cheap job. Everyone I have showed it to liked it. I strain to find something to dislike about it. If you are after a 7-inch tablet with good battery life, the Inferno is very recommended.


Orbra Inferno Review: Pros

– Sleek design and good feel
– Beautiful, bright display
– Good battery life
– Android 4.2.2
– 8 megapixel rear camera is an advantage over the competition
– 1.2GHz Cortex A7 quad-core processor
– Dual-SIM (one standard SIM and one microSIM)

Orbra Inferno Review: Cons

– I am looking for bad things to say about the Inferno. Let’s see….the UI (especially icons and drop-down menu) borrows Samsung’s TouchWiz feel. Not that it affects performance, so for the user, this may mean nothing.


Inside the nice sales pack are sexy looking accessories in white and black:
Orbra Inferno Accesories

The 3 Musketeers Agree

Do you remember my rave review of the Nexus 7? Both times that Dayo has had the opportunity to play with the Inferno, he has commented about how good it is and compared it with the Nexus 7. Then there is Jesse. Jesse spent some time with the Inferno yesterday and was gushing over how good it is and how it reminds him of the Nexus 7. He also agreed that the Inferno is better value than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 3.0. Are you getting me? If we three musketeers are unanimous about how good the Inferno is, that settles it. Honestly.

Orbra Inferno Pull-down

Battery life is good, as it goes for hours, almost delivering a day of normal use. A microSD card slot allows you to expand on the built-in 16GB storage space. It is much better built than any of the Nigerian tablets and any Chinese built tablet around, and it out-performs them. The Inferno is simply in a class of its own here.

In addition, it runs Android 4.2.2 and has many extra apps pre-installed, including BBM, WhatsApp, MoboPlayer (awesome video player), and more. Now, here is an interesting phenomenon: even when I do not have internet access on the tablet, I kept receiving Facebook, Twitter and other social media notifications. Yes; with data disabled, SIM turned off/disabled and WiFi turned off too. I don’t know how that works, but it is cool and handy. I didn’t miss out on any notifications even without internet access.

If I was a lover of tablets, this is a tablet I would love to keep. The Inferno costs N50,000. This review unit is up for sale at only N40,000. Holla at mobility@mobility.ng if interested.

Mo Rating: 9.0/10

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  1. This is a must have tablet if the three of you must have praise it to high heaven like this because I have always trust your review here. I am considering saving up to buy the new LG G Pad 8.3 because of it gorgeous bright IPS display but this your current review of the inferno is gradually changing my mind more so that G Pad doesn’t support 3G. Please Mr Mo, I need you to help me answer these questions concerning inferno:

    How good is the camera quality both indoor and outdoor?

    What screen technology is it using because I found out that pure TFT strain my eyes after a little prolonged usage?

    Anything to say about warranty and after sales support (Note: VERY IMPORTANT ESPECIALLY FOR A NEW PRODUCT)?

    How sharp is it for reading pdf texts (hope no tiny shadows in the texts) ?

    What’s the battery capacity?

    Thanks a lot. Always trust your response.

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