Mister Mobility’s review of LG EasyHome

LG has made an addition to the Optimus 3.0 UI feature list – a new home launcher called EasyHome. Mister Mobility reviews it.

LG EasyHome

LG keeps coming up with simple stuff that work and simplify tasks for users of their smartphones. I remember highlighting LG theme support, Guest Mode, QuickMemo, and the Quick Switch Dual SIM hot key on their dual SIM phones earlier this year. Now, using an LG L90 Dual, I see what appears to be a new addition to the Optimus 3.0 UI feature list – a new home launcher called EasyHome.

EasyHome lives true to its name. It has just two home pages – the first presenting you a traditional dialler interface with four fixed and three configurable app shortcuts. There is an icon to take you to the app drawer too.

EasyHome 1

Swipe left to switch to the second page, where you can put shortcuts to other apps that you need easy access to:

EasyHome 2

Swipe right from the second page to get back to the first. That’s it. Easy does it.

Could Be Better Still

I like EasyHome, but I think that it could be better still. The primary home screen could use some slight layout adjustments or options. I wish that the dialler took up smaller space and that its location could be switched too. It would be nice to be able to move it up and have the app shortcuts come down to the bottom of the screen where they are more easily reachable. I personally use certain apps more than the telephone functionality on my mobiles, and that option would have increased usability.

EasyHome is perhaps the simplest Android home skin/launcher that I have seen. Personally, I dislike the multiple home pages and the incessant swiping that one has to do with that arrangement. EasyHome is just how I would love to have my smartphone homescreen – simple and easy. LG nailed this one for users who don’t want their smartphones taking over their lives.

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