Every time I switch to a new Android smartphone, there are certain apps that I find myself using on the device. They are essential to

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Every time I switch to a new Android smartphone, there are certain apps that I find myself using on the device. They are essential to my needs. While once in a while, I may experiment with other apps, I have traced my usage history and have compiled a clear personal A-list.

Here is the list of the apps that I do not go without on my Android devices. Note: these are not install-and-forget apps, or apps that are used occasionally after being installed. These apps make my Android world go round almost on a daily basis. I have indicated with a “Yes”, “No”, or “alternative Apps” against each app to show whether the app is available, not available or has alternatives in the Windows Phone Store.

  1. Skype – Yes
  2. WordPress – Yes
  3. Facebook – Yes
  4. Flashlight – Yes
  5. OliveTree BibleReader – Alternative Bible apps
  6. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary – Oxford Dictionary
  7. Dropbox – Alternative apps
  8. Google+ – Not found one yet
  9. LinkedIn – Yes
  10. Photo Editor – Yes
  11. App Backup & Restore – Alternative apps
  12. SMS Backup & Restore – Not found one yet
  13. Twitter or Tweet Lanes – Yes
  14. Yahoo Messenger – Yes
  15. GoogleTalk – Alternative apps
  16. ES File Explorer – Not found one yet
  17. WhatsApp – Yes
  18. Soundhound – Yes
  19. Evernote – Yes
  20. PhotoGrid – yes
  21. Wikipedia – Yes

As you can see from the check-list, there are very few apps that I use on Android that I haven’t found on Windows Phone. With the exception of Skype, which exists on WP but does not run on the 610 because of its very low specifications, I currently have all the above apps installed on the Nokia Lumia 610.

While the Windows Phone Store has less apps available than Android’s Play Store, it looks to me that almost anyone wanting to make a transition from Android to Windows Phone will find it an easy enough process. There are more than enough apps available on Windows Phone for the average smartphone user. For those whose needs are not met, there’s no compulsion about migrating anyway.

Windows Phone OS is not for everyone, just as Android, BlackBerry and iOS are not too. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your needs and preferences.


  1. Well, software is like human character. You can never have perfection in any.

    therefore, for me, the diversity, quality and quality or third party apps are non_negotiable.

    as far as those three things go, Android makes my heart go pit_a_pata.

    having superfluous alternatives facilitates picking the best, at any point in time, from any software category.

    iOS woukd be another viable platform, but for several other weightier reasons.

  2. You are pretty well, almost covered here Mr. Mo. I don’t think same will be my case though. For your list here, I think Windows Phone 7.x is very usable for most people, but if you have really diverse needs like I do, it is really going to be difficult getting your fix from a platform that is almost like iOS in principle, and when you consider that Windows Phone 7.x is already declared a dead-end, it even makes things more difficult.

  3. I’ve never bought into the idea that because an OS doesn’t have 500,000 apps in its store it’s sub-standard. It all depends on what is important to you. So when I read reviews where that is used as a negative against a device, I ignore it. It’s a subjective opinion.

    It all comes down on what apps are important to you and if the alternatives meet your need.

  4. It all comes down on what apps are important to
    you and if the alternatives meet your need.


    funny thing is, sometimes,we do not realize we are missing something until we are shown. we often feel something meets our needs, but we may simply not know better

    thought I had all I wanted with Symbian, but I know better now with Android.

    Until APPLE showed us we need Tablets, we never knew we need it!


  5. @EyeBeeKay, we don’t NEED tablets, any more than we “need” cars . Apple has shown is in that time-honoured tradition of businesses that have gone before – sell people what they think they need. We the consumer can always justify it.

    Those using the respective OSes are probably quite content with their lot and don’t miss the 200k+ they “need”.

  6. I have to agree with Noni on this. We do not need 500,000 apps or tablets. At least, I don’t. These things are mostly hype. Fortunately, I don’t buy into hype.

  7. e book readers? browsers? IMs? PES? & most esp HD games?… u can free d rest but pls does wp(7/8) support HD Gaming?

  8. @Noni, yes we do not “need” 500,000 apps. Nobody does.

    what we do need is Variety. Choices.

    I have just 52 apps on my phone. For an app lover, you would probably be surprised.


    I have sifted through many apps to arrive at those 50+ I believe meet my needs. I also believe they are the best in their class.

    the more apps there are on a platform, the more likely we are able to get the best, due to competition.on technical and price fronts.

    by deductive reasoning, Android would be a better platform than say, WindowsPhone, all other parameters held constant.

    it is that simple!

  9. There is now an unofficial google plus app for windows phone by A developer called Camb078. The app us called google plus viewer

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