Mister Mo's first impressions of the Google Nexus 7 tablet

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Google’s Nexus 7 is a 7-inch WiFi-only tablet manufactured by Asus. It has been touted as a game-changer. It is a Jelly Bean eating Android tablet too. That’s Android version 4.1. Anyway, a review unit of the Nexus 7 tablet got into Mister Mo’s hands early this week, and he has been playing with it since.

Nexus7 and accessories

The Asus Google Nexus 7 is a piece of solid hardware with nice curves. It looks and feels good in the hands. The rear has a nice matte finish. There’s no camera there though. Just the “Nexus” and “Asus” branding.

The only accessories in the box are a USB cable and power adapter

At first boot, I was presented with a series of nice visual user tips on each view/page. You know, like “Tap here to see the rest of your apps,” with an arrow showing you where to tap. Very nice for novice users.


The display works in portrait mode by default. For a while, I couldn’t find the option to change that, but I eventually did. Working in landscape sucks though, because every time you return to the home screen, what you get is portrait again. How hard can it be for Google to implement orientation switching on the home screen?

Also Chrome is built-in browser on this baby. I had been wondering when Google would make that switch, so this is a welcome development.

Chrome Browser on Nexus 7

The Gmail app has been enhanced. There’s now split screen view, which is awesome on a display this large.


Overall, the Nexus 7 has made a very good first impression on me. I however wish that the audio volume and quality are significantly better.

I like the Nexus 7 already. The question is, Can it woo me away from my awesome PlayBook? They are both 7-inch tabs. They are both WiFi-only.

As always, expect my full review soon.

  1. I know this may seem very weird but for now, my 5′ ‘playblet’ has my preferred form factor. 7′ is too big. May adjust later in the future though

  2. Zsch,

    Do you use your 5-inch device as a phone? I find that size too big for a phone. Even the 4.7-inch size of the One X often gets uncomfortable.

  3. For me, 7″ is just the right size. I even thought of using it to replace my Kindle for reading books on the go, but decided the Kindle has the better battery life over a longer period of time. Add to that, the Kindle is lighter to carry.

    Horses for courses I guess, the fact it doesn’t stay in landscape mode on the home screen is the least of my worries.

  4. Nice, looking forward for the full review. This was going to be my first tablet until Google sold out and asked me to wait. I had to shop for a new phone instead. Hardly am I going back to the Nexus 7. May be your full review may just make me change my mind.

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