I have not been very excited about the recently announced HTC One X+, and the reasons are not far-fetched. It looks to me that it

Mister Mo's thoughts on the HTC One Xplus

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I have not been very excited about the recently announced HTC One X+, and the reasons are not far-fetched. It looks to me that it isn’t anything significantly more than the One X with a more powerful processor. The One X has a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, while the One X+ has a 1.7 GHz quad-core processor. Besides that (and the beefier battery), I don’t see any other significant difference.

HTC One X Plus

The HTC One X+ has exactly the same size and design as the One X. Same display size and details. I can actually lie that I own a HTC One X+ and no-one would be able to tell, even if I place my One X side-by-side a One X+. Same RAM. Same camera. A better front-facing camera. Its 2100 mAh battery trounces the One X’s 1800 mAh power unit. It will run Android Jelly Bean, which the One X is getting this month. What exactly is the excitement about other than it is probably the most powerful quad-core smartphone?

I recently wrote an article titled, Do we really need more powerful mobiles? The HTC One X provides a very good case study for the point I raised in that article. Is the One X+ a real need?

Still, it needs saying: when released, the HTC One X is likely to be the new quad-core king, pushing back LG’s Optimus G. The latter packs a quad-core 1.5 GHz Krait processor. Titles, titles, titles. Sigh. It seems that’s all these mobiles are chasing these days. How about we look at what we do with them instead?

What You Do With What You Have
Since publishing a few articles in which I drooled over a couple of newly announced devices, I have sort of done a full u-turn: I do not want new devices. No; not even the Lumia 920. I am not going to be so excited about new devices unless they offer something truly revolutionary. After all, most existing devices are not being put to full use anyway. But don’t worry; I will write about them anyway, so y’all can drool.

At the moment, I am expecting my current everyday smartphone, the HTC One X, back from a trip to the service centre. See The HTC One X’s Hips Don’t Lie for some details. When it gets back, I have plans to put it to some really productive and exciting use. After I am satisfied that I am truly getting the maximum value out of it, and I perceive that it is no longer capable of meeting my needs, perhaps I shall consider an upgrade to the One X+ or some other more powerful smartphone.

Till then…

  1. One should always remember this when buying anything: there will always be something better. One just have to be contented with what one has at any particular time or one goes into debt.

  2. yes, we need increasingly more powerful phone.

    If prices are not going to shoot up as a result (not likely), of course more powerful phones are desirable.

    Software is written to take advantage of the hardware on which it runs. Increasingly powerful devices extend the frontier of what is possible as regards software, and consequently, what we can do with our devices .

  3. “I am not going to be
    so excited about new devices unless they offer something truly

    I think you will be excited with they new Samsung Galaxy Note2. I already decided not to upgrade as well. However, the things you can do especially with the stylus in Note2 are quite revolutionary. Even with the original Note that I use, I have since stopped looking for paper and biro whenever I need to write stuff.

  4. Bellshill,

    Interesting stuff. And some people never believed that the stylus was ever going to have a place again. Let’s see if I can get my hands on the Note 2 or 10.1.

  5. And I never believed it too. With the experience I got from the Sony Ericsson Xperia I & II Windows smartphones, I was convinced that stylus in its form then was a novelty than any useful tool. This present incarnation from Samsung will be good to wear the tag, digital stylus to mark the difference or deviation from the old pure analog form.

  6. If you lose that stulus, hmm.

    two styli came with my crusty Nokia 5800, which I eventually lost.

    that is the only issue I see with the resurgence of stylised (styli?). losing it!

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