Two separate emotions are exactly what the Moto G evokes in me right now. One of excitement and surprise, and the other of gloom. In

Mixed Emotions: First Impressions Of the Motorola Moto G

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Moto G pack

Two separate emotions are exactly what the Moto G evokes in me right now. One of excitement and surprise, and the other of gloom. In all fairness, this phone isn’t entirely to blame for my gloomy feelings. You’ve got to understand, that the Moto G was bought as a replacement for the very capable workhorse and multitasking monster of a tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. Yeah, it’s easy for you to see why I would feel that way. But then, I can hear you wondering aloud, “who in their right mind would replace a Galaxy Note tablet with a Moto G?” Well, in all fairness to me, I’m not entirely to blame for that. It’s what we do at Mobility, so we can bring you reviews of a wide range of devices. So pin that on Mister Mo.

Moto G about

Back to the Moto G impression, this phone perfectly fits into the Nigerian midrange mobile phone market. Of course this impression stems majorly from the price. The price is no doubt in the midrange territory. And seeing the package it comes in, it is clear that Motorola spared no effort to ensure they achieved this price point. The package is so small, you would almost wonder if there’s a phone in it. Opening the package reveals just phone and USB cable period. Any extra Accessory will have to be paid for. Get past this point, and it’s good news all the way. Almost.

Want a simple, beautiful, very well built phone that won’t require you to steal a bank to purchase? The Moto G should be on the list of your options. Want the latest version of Android in all its pure Google glory at a mid-range price point? The Moto G should be on that list. Looking for Corning Gorilla glass 3 scratch resistant protection, over a glorious and very pixel dense 720p display? I’m not going to stretch this too far before I’m accused of having been paid by Motorola to write this. Speaker volume is very loud though audio production is not very impressive. You will definitely notice the less than average audio quality during calls. Right now, that’s the only part of the phone that leaves a bitter taste in what in my opinion should be a mid-range mobile phone winner.

Expect my detailed review.

How to get a Moto G in Nigeria right away – Editor

  1. A phone under 5″ replacing a 10″ tablet. Riiight….

    *walks slowly out of the room backwards*

  2. The Note 10.1 2014 is a very good piece of hardware. I wanted to drop my older note and run out of the phone store with it last Saturday.

    Moto G is great at its price point. Scarce in Nigeria….and like every other scarce device (Nexus tablets] will have fluctuations in pricing.

    PS: can someone please explain to me why Tecno must come with Android 4.2? Isn’t Android open-source and thus free?
    wouldn’t they benefit from using kit-kat on all their devices (even low end ones)….At least their rep would

  3. Got my Moto G in January after ordering since December. Snow storm and some other bad belle conditions caused the delay.
    She’s a beauty to behold and trumps some high end phones too. Loved her more after getting an update that fixed the OTG feature.
    Please don’t put Moto G and Tecno in the same sentence, paragraph, post, essay etc. again. They ain’t mates, they have never been and they’ll never be. lol!!!
    Mr Mo gotta add this device to his list of conquered women, sorry, phones.
    Been thinking of resurrecting the house of mo series. Coincidentally my name is ‘Motola (Omotola) and my Moto G is called Motunrayo Gold. She’ll be a perfect replacement to P of blessed memory. lol.

  4. Mr Mo gotta add this device to his list of conquered women, sorry, phones.
    Been thinking of resurrecting the house of mo series.


    LOOOL. I hear you. i have been musing on the House Of Mo series too. I do need to shed some of the load I carry here on Mobility, and that will happen soon. Then, House Of Mo shall be back.

    And yes; I have my eyes on the Moto G. My pockets are just very disagreeable right now…

    Thanks for hanging around 😉

  5. Hey habeebpain,

    Guess what? I just got a mail from someone who is letting me have a Motorola Moto G for review too. I’m doing cartwheels in my tummy right now…

  6. I actually was seriously considering the Moto G….until I saw the Moto X next to it 😀

  7. technically Android is free, but the thing is Android as we know it is made of two parts Android Open Source Project (AOSP) which is the skeleton/framework and Google Mobile Services (GMS) which is Google’s Suite – Chrome, GMail, Google Maps, Google Play Services, Play Store et cetera. AOSP is free, GMS is not. OEMs that want GMS must agree to some terms, one of which is paying a licensing fee. Microsoft (Nokia) and Amazon have gone with AOSP and foregone GMS, this requires substituiton of GMS features thus making a different Android experience (forking). Google has different licensing fees for different versions of Android, i suppose the licensing fees for 4.2 are lower (or free like ICS and GB), and since Tecno must cut costs to deliver basement bottom prices …

  8. Oh! That explains a whole lot. Its safe to inference that if an OEM doesn’t pay for GMS then users downloading it (I.e Playstore, play music et. al) as stand-alone apps won’t work on said device….right?

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