Don’t laugh. Jesse Oguntimehin and Ada Amogu had the time of their life laughing at me yesterday evening at the TechCabal Battlefield when under the

MM: So, I finally joined Instagram – on Windows Phone!

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Instagram Windows Phone profile

Don’t laugh. Jesse Oguntimehin and Ada Amogu had the time of their life laughing at me yesterday evening at the TechCabal Battlefield when under the influence (don’t ask which), on the spur of the moment, I signed up for Instagram on my Nokia Lumia 1520. In an odd twist of fate, they became my first Instagram contacts too. Oh; they became my tutors too. So, I got to know that an Instagram user ID is simply called an “IG”. Duh! So disingenuous!

Instagram for Windows Phone

Instagram Windows Phone suggested friends

The Instagram app for Windows Phone is still in beta, but it packs the following features:

– register/sign in
– ability to like, comment, and share others’ posts
– share with other networks
– tag people
– regram
– push notifications and live tile notifications
– video support with sound
– edit profile
– find and invite friends
– option to clear search history
– list of post you have liked
– it has got those horrible filters too!

There are two other features I see there, marked only with icons and no explanatory text. As a JJC Instagram-er, I don’t now what they are called. Don’t worry; I shall catch up and become fluent with the lingo. The app reflects the Windows Phone UI scheme nicely

Anyway, my IG is mistermobility. Go add me up. Here is my first ever integrated feature on there:
Instagram Windows Phone Jesse Ada Mo

The issue is, now that I am on Instagram, how long will it take for me to get on Foursquare and Pinterest? Which other ones are out there and raving now? Hit me up!


  1. Life is complicated enough, without my complicating it further by Instagramming too.

    How many social networks I wan join?

    I have heard of Instagram, but never worked up enough stream to bother finding out what exactly it is about.

    Instant diagramming, or what? No, am not interested in knowing.!

  2. The official client is in beta which makes it still lack some features. You can try out 6tag app; Has extra photo editing tools and some missing features in the official IG client.

  3. 6tag is it – I can’t even be bothered with Instagram and least of all anything in beta. My beta days are over! After using 6tag on Windows Phone I find using Instagram on any other OS boring.

    I have a Pinterest account but I have ever only used it once. Foursquare, as someone said on Twitter, is good for stalkers. I don’t generally feel the need for anyone, apart from my family, to know where I am at any given point in time so I’ll pass on that one.

  4. @Mister Mobility: I know I’m a little late but I have to add my 2 cents to this.

    You really need to try 6tag. Its head and shoulders above the official client.

    I use a Lumia 920 and my wife uses an iphone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve annoyed her by pointing out features on 6tag that even the iphone Instagram app doesn’t have. (You know those iphone users are always feeling like they’re special).

    e.g: Supports multiple accounts, download any pics direct to phone (without screen capture), see location of instagram users near you on a map, light and dark themes, hide sponsored posts, etc.

    The official apps on iphone & android may have gotten some of these features since last time i checked but 6tag is always adding new features.

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