MNP: Is Celebration Necessary?


It’s Cyril again. If you dont know who I am, search through Mobility. If you do now me, you know by now that I am a Serial Eavesdropper. So as usual, this morning on my way somewhere else, I stopped by my friend @Gbenro’s Office (Just to annoy Mr Mo, he now calls it the TechZoo)  and met an ongoing argument.

@Random Guest: I wont be porting anything! It’s Useless!

@G: It’s a Slightly Useful Service..

@RG: No its not! its useful when a Market is emerging, not this far into the game! Every network now has infrastructure. What unique Groundbreaking Service makes me want to port?

@G: But, But, See we should Commend the NCC for at least…

@RG: Sharrap!!! Do you commend a day-old baby for suckling on a teat? My friend in Accra has used all the networks in Ghana while maintaining his original number. What have they done? What exactly is their Achievement?

@G: No need to be rude. So what you are saying is that there is no need to be excited when your retarded 11 year old learns to speak?

ME: Are you calling NCC a retarded 11 Year old?!! 😮

Both (Simultaneously) : Sharrap Cyril!!

@RG: Look I am leaving now before this gets political, but think about this, if this feature had existed back then, before getting 4 lines, you could have ported your 0803 (bought cheaply :)) to test Airtel, Glo, Mtel, and now Etisalat. Now you own all 4 and can’t port without losing Data Plans or Service type (Post paid or PrePaid). You need to basically re-register the SIM! You lose 2 days of calls. In essence, it is useful if you are getting your first line, but not for old timers. (RG walks out)

@G: Cyril, How can I help you today?

Me: I saw the port videos. I liked Saka’s dance and came to ask what is the benefit of porting?

@G: Gerrout!!! (mumbles: Oniranu)

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