I want to diss any platform that isn’t my prefered, and mock anyone who isn’t smart enough to be in my camp. Duh. I want to start twit-fights and flame wars, then sit back and laugh hard as the flames rise and consume all in its path. Buhahahahaha *maniacal laughter fades into the background*

Mo wants to be a fan boy!

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As mobilists and mobilettes know, my beloved HTC One X is away to Europe for medical reasons. No; she is not on a state-sponsored trip, as Mo holds no political office. However, so far, the guys at HTC have taken care of the travel bills. Anyway, this post isn’t another attempt to bore you with my love affair with Lady One X.

In the beginning of smartphones, there was Symbian. Symbian had some of the most capable and most existing smartphones around in its time. The Communicators were my favourite. I grew up a devoted user and lover of Symbian devices, and I have quite a number of them on my chalk board. My first was the Nokia 9210 communicator, and after several cycles that brings the total to 13, my last Symbian smartphone was the Nokia 701. With the pronouncement of death on Symbian last year, I began to consider switching to another platform.


iOS is simply too locked down for my taste. If Apple would add one thing – only one thing to iOS, I would switch – USB mass storage. Every time that I have downloaded or ripped a media file to my PC, and just plugged in my smartphone to copy those files across so easily, I cringe at the thought of using an OS as locked down as iOS. No microSD cards and no USB mass storage. No thanks. Plus, truth be told, the iOS UI just looks and feels staid. I’ve owned only one iPhone, the 3GS, and I upgraded the OS all the way to 5.1.1 before finally letting it go.

BlackBerry works for me, but there aren’t any exciting devices from that side till OS10 devices arrive in 2013. BlackBerry gets the job done for me, and I have owned 7 of them till date. However, my platform of choice must offer me excitement and adventure, and there isn’t much of those in the crack camp right now. However, if what I have seen of OS10 is anything to go by, oh boy!!

I find Android usable. Both Android and BlackBerry offer the closest experience to what I had on Symbian. Still, Android has never had a grip on me. Since picking up the T-mobile G1 in May 2009, I have run through a total of 16 Android smartphones till date. That’s the highest turnover I have ever done on any platform, and the most I have ever owned on any platform too. Having handled two Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) devices, the Nexus 7 and the Galaxy Nexus, I can finally say that I’m cool with Android. I still prefer to have HTC’s Sense UI on top of it though, and if I can get that, it is sweet icing on the cake. The Android devices that I really crave for are Motorola’s new RAZR MAXX units. Have you seen the battery life of those beasts? Oh, how I crave! Why can’t life just be simple?

My first experience with Windows Phone on the HTC HD7 was superb, but the platform limitations have kept me away since then. Till now. While there is still no USB mass storage mode (hopefully, Microsoft will announce this in October), the support for microSD cards sort of alleviates that issue. I have owned only 2 Windows Phone 7 devices till date. A lot of the early limitations have now been addressed in Windows Phone 8, and I am seriously considering switching to Windows Phone as my platform of choice. That Lumia 920 has got me seduced to no end. Still, the earliest that can happen is November. Bah! That’s light years away in mobile.

Apps Transition Since Symbian
On Symbian, I had an assortment of paid apps that I had invested in over the years. These were must-have apps that boosted my productivity. Since the burning Platform announcement though, I have not purchased apps on other platforms. It isn’t for want of trying. By a bizzare stroke in the hands of the gods of mobile, my GTBank MasterCard has since refused to work in any app store – BlackBerry AppWorld, Google Play Store and even Nokia Store where I had never had issues. I do remember making a few purchases in Apple’s App Store though using a gift card I purchased, but as said earlier, iOS is too locked down for me. As such, I really haven’t invested in paid apps in any mobile ecosystem in a while. This will make it easier for me to make my choice eventually. Who will support the Nigerian market among the contenders? BlackBerry already does. Windows Phone remains to be seen. If I don’t eventually get the kind of excitement and support that I want from either of those two, what shall I fallback to? Clearly, I do not seem to have many alternatives to Android if it comes to that, and it will have to do.

Where shall Mo end up? Android? Windows Phone? BlackBerry? Or some smaller fry like MeeGo or Firefox OS? I do know that whatever device will pry my hands off the HTC One X has got to be good and compelling. Push comes to shove, my sweet white Android beauty and I will keep painting the town red together as we have done these last few months.

One thing is sure: I want to be a fan boy. I want to root for a team. The good thing is that Mobility blog is now open for everyone to publish on, so I don’t have to try to cover all bases anymore. Everyone is free to root for the platform of their choice. No? I am not into football. Mobile is all I’ve got, so why not dive in and get all fired up like that?

I want to invest in apps on my platform of choice. I want to diss any platform that isn’t my prefered, and mock anyone who isn’t smart enough to be in my camp. Duh. I want to start twit-fights and flame wars, then sit back and laugh hard as the flames rise and consume all in its path. Buhahahahaha *maniacal laughter fades into the background*

  1. It is an irony of life that OBJECTIVITY itself is SUBJECTIVITY.

    Who determines what is objective? subjective? YOU!

    Except for academic reasons, it is pointless debating subjective things like beauty, functionality of OS. Just pointless.

    Use what works for you!

  2. Okidok,Mr. Mo!

    well, I have been passionate about Symbian. In the past.

    Like Harry Echemco, my Android Mentor used to say, my vituperations against Android then was born out of ignorance. I agree now.

    Each time I pick up a Symbian device now, I see the shortcomings more vividly, compared to Android.

    My major grouse against Android, then, was data gluttony. I have since discovered that those who were howling about that simply dud not have enough knowledge to tackle that propensity. Yes, if you do nit know how to manage your data, your Android can speedily drill holes in your pocket.

    Luckily, the recent iterations of the OS has drastically mitigated that problem.

    who knows, maybe on using an Apple device, or a WindowsPhone, I may start singing its praise like a Canary.

    Two things I have realised. One, do not dismiss anything until you have experienced it. Two, know the difference between opinions, facts and hype.

    Humans learn by hearing things repetitively. if you hear false info often enough, it begins to have a patina if TRUTH.

    We need to guard our consciousness against such!

  3. Blackberry 10 could change multi tasking game play.
    Same for me too my GTB MasterCard says insufficient funds and there is cash in the account. I am still considering which platform to go for my mobile phone after Symbian. Android or WP

  4. Eeeya, you and those your vituperations against Android and the ignorance thingie. Thankfully, I had no such issues. Its why I play with all platforms to decide for myself what works. Its good to welcome you to the club.

    Also, a point of correction: it isnt necesarilly ignorance about how to tackle Androids data issues that is behind every complaint about it. Some people don’t want to have to nurse a mobile. I happen to be one of those. I hate nursing a device in any way.

  5. We will be waiting for your decision. Though I have since settled on Android, I believe the latest version of Windows Phone may change things a little. iOS and Blackberry are simply not phone me.

    Funnily, iPhone is generally believed to be the simplest smartphone to use but I’m certainly using it will make my life so simple that it will almost be useless for me. I mean, milk and cereals for children and also made simple for children but can purge adults. I happen to be an adult.

  6. There is no perfect, best OS or phone. You’ve got to decide what suits your needs best and stick with it. I can’t imagine buying a phone or using an OS that can’t pair or sync with any other to share stuffs. Imagine a phone so hopelessless locked down that it lacks even common bluetooth for sharing. Of what use is its so-called much-flaunted bounties? What works for me in any OS or phone is FREEDOM and CHOICE.

  7. As it’s biologically impossible for me to be a “fanboy” of anything, I can’t say I’m a fan of any one OS. I just like using them all. Whatever I have in my hands is the one I will get absorbed with, shortcomings notwithstanding.

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