Lagosians and residents of other states in south western Nigeria experienced heavy rains and reached out for emergency services.

Mobile access to emergency services in Lagos

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If you live in Lagos and many other areas in south western Nigeria, you are already aware of the rains that hit yesterday. But it didn’t end there. I woke up this morning to be told that it rained non-stop all night. Yes; I know. I slept like a log. It is still raining as I type this.

Anyway, a quick scan of my Twitter line revealed a litany of woes – roofs blown off, roofs caved in, houses flooded all over the place. There was the fallout issue of people trying to reach the toll-free Lagos State emergency number, 767, for help but not getting through.


Emergency services


I am not sure why a nationwide emergency line like the USA’s 911 has not been implemented nationwide here in Nigeria, but it should. It has been over 10 years of GSM mobile technology here. I don’t see why I should not be able to dial a 3-digit number from anywhere in the country to request for medical, rescue, or police help.


Can the federal government step in to make this happen, please?

767 for Emergency Services in Lagos

Lagos emergency line 767


It is a good thing that the Lagos State government has a functional emergency help line. I have used it a number of times in an emergency and it has worked every single time. Help came as requested. Every single time.


As such, when I read on Twitter this morning that it didn’t work from an Airtel line, I ran some quick tests this morning. The tests involved my lines and my wife’s.

The Lagos emergency number, 767, worked on both my Glo and Etisalat lines, but not on my wife’s Airtel line. This corroborates statements from a few others who could not get through from their Airtel lines. This suggests that Airtel has work to do in making access to this line easier from their network. I don’t have an active MTN line here and so cannot test access from MTN. If you have ever tried that number from an Airtel line, I would appreciate feedback please.


Please save this number and use it in any emergency to request for help. The appropriate services will be contacted to get to you. It is free and available round the clock.


The number again: 767.

Do you already have this number? Have you ever used it? What was your experience with it? Did help come?

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  2. Never had to call em and prev I would be calling a buddy/family member first before Emergency lines cos I didn’t even know they existed (read: working) till now.

    *now memorising 767*

  3. Incidentally Mr Mo, the universal/internaltional emergency number is 112, not 999.

    Remember that 767 in Lagos is also based on funding including donations from the public. If dialling 767 has ever worked for anyone, they should be willing to make at least a token donation to keep it going.

  4. this is great for Lagosians. I never knew Lagos had such a novel service.wish I can call the number from outside Lagos.

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