My “Mobile” Adventures in NYSC camp

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I’ve spent the past three weeks, locked away in NYSC camp. Faced with lesser time with my gadgets, and more interaction with people. The spirit of mobile never really left me y’know 😆 So I set out to ask people this question: nysc

What is it you don’t like about your smartphone?

I picked out users from varying platforms. The very first person I asked was Lydia. She owns a Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos, and here’s how our conversation went:
“So what is it you don’t like about your phone?
“The camera” she replied, “It’s awful. Since I’ve been in camp, I can’t really take good pictures because I don’t like the camera quality.”
“Which color would you have preferred?” Red, or White, or Black?
Nice!! 😎

Here’s Ugo, he owns the Nokia X2 and I was curious to know if he derived satisfaction from it. See how our conversation fared:

“What is it you don’t like about your smartphone?”
“Really? Nothing?”
“It does everything I want so? I have all the apps I need, I love the camera quality, I’m totally satisfied with the phone.”

People and their choices 🙄

I had another interesting chat with Babatunde. He owns the Microsoft Lumia 535, and I asked him what he hated about his device, this was his reply:

“The network.”
“How? You can’t peg to 3G or what?”
“No, not that. It’s not stable, always fluctuating. For instance the BBM is hanging, but on a steady mobile network or Wifi connection, the experience is better.”
“Okay, is that all you hate about it?”

“Next thing is apps. On my former TECNO tab I used to enjoy Clash of Clans. For easy movement, I had to drop the tablet and buy a phone. When I bought this phone, I hoped to find the app but I searched and searched and couldn’t find it.”
“Aww sorry bro.

Not forgetting iPhone users, I asked some of them same question, and found something interesting. These guys are totally satisfied with their devices. The ladies and guys I spoke with all claimed they loved the phone to bits. One funny thing though, they all used one word, “stingy“.

They only thing they hate is the stinginess of the iPhone. The restrictions in sending and receiving files is the only thing they hated about their iPhones.


  1. Elroy Elroy……. So even in camp, you were still conducting surveys. * take a bow and leaves*

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