This mobile airbag phone case is what your smartphone needs

Personally, I am not a huge fan of phone cases. I love my phones beautifully and fully exposed. And in 17 years of using about 200 phones, only two have ever been damaged from a fall. But as a consultant to many phone users, I recommend that most people get a phone case to prevent their devices from getting damaged. Most people damage their phones regularly. Which is why a mobile airbag phone case such as the kind we are discussing in this article is exactly what the doctor ordered.

How does it work? Snap it on your smartphone just like many other phone cases and that is all. But while it looks like an many others, our mobile airbag phone case has motion sensors built in and once your phone is in free-fall, it deploys 4 metal springs to break the fall.

It works similar to the way an automobile deploys airbags when a crash happens. Which is why it has been dubbed a mobile airbag. There is no bag. Just springs. But who cares? It works. Your delicious smartphone is safe.

Demonstration Video

Here is a video of the mobile airbag in demonstration: